About me

Hi, I'm Laura - and if it wasn't obvious - I'm a copywriter!

Why the name Once Upon a Word, you ask? Well, I'm a storyteller that likes to find the magic in any brief and turn it into spellbinding copy.

I write blogs, articles, web copy, landing pages, emails, print copy - and much more besides. You can see some of the clients I've worked with on my Work page.

I specialise in writing for travel and holiday companies, ranging from the budget to the luxury. I create compelling destination guides, villa and property descriptions, and information on hotel and cruise packages.

This niche also also extends into another of my specialisms - property and new development copy. Ranging from long descriptions to short, snappy copy to sell places and feelings, I have extensive experience with both website and brochure content.

If you want deeply-researched, high quality content, get in touch now to discuss your needs!